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Almost forgot about posting these! Took a few photos during the SAO’s performance c:

My boyo zeekbearconductor on drums

and our pal smugchopper on the upright



I remember when I was a kid watching Digimon and saw Patamon do this


I was like




Dredd: I Am The Law - Created by James White

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He Grew Up So Fast

This was supposed to be a backstory comic to come along with The Scurrier’s Scarf I insisted to work on but this came too late cuz I was busy with college

Anyway, its here!

and also an early birthday greeting for ethan

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Now that I have them all finished, incoming Matsuricon photo spam!

zeekbearconductor as the RED Sniper playing a little jazz for everyone at the end of SAO’s performance. Sax actually belongs to a Pyro.

wait you play sax too zeek….soldier and sniper need to have a jazz duet.

He borrowed the sax from a Pyro who was in the orchestra with him. I don’t think he knows how to play one…yet.


Has this been done?? I think this has been done. Pyro would be the perfect employee <3 Hang in there Chica! Pyro’s shift ends in an hour D:

Bonus: KEEP THE DOOR SHUT *Do the Dirty Pizza playing softly in distance*


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A group photo of the BLUs and REDs. Saxton asserted his dominance over the REDs and then we all posed together. 

RED Sniper (with banjo) is zeekbearconductor

Saxton Hale is manic-relapse

BLU Scout standing with the BLU Engineer is myself

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Here we have Cole (he has no tumblr I believe) as possibly the most precious Pyro I have met.

edit: Pyro is spectralbeaconart